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Your Private English Speaking Guide in Ukraine

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Happiness is not a station you arrive at,

but a manner of travelling.


Margaret Lee Runbeck.

Western Ukraine Tours specializes in organizing custom made tours in Ukraine. The sample tours below only suggest the way of spending your time. Your private tour in Ukraine can be cut especially for you after we learn your needs and preferences as well as combined with your heritage tour in Ukraine in the best possible way.
7-8 days, 800km

Want a truly Ukrainian holiday? This route gives you a chance to experience the real Ukraine. To start, we spend a few days wandering around Lviv - the so-called “New Prague”. Afterwards, we travel to the small cozy town of Kolomiya to fling ourselves into the stunning culture of our Ukrainian highlanders, the Hutsuls. Go deeper into the Carpathian Mountains to see the waterfalls of Sheshory village or visit the Hutsul craft market in Kosiv. On the way to the city of Kamyanets-Podilsky enjoy the fantastic brick ensemble of Chernivtsi University and famous Khotyn Castle. The fortress of Kamyanets and the Old Town itself is a terrific mixture of Slavic, European and Asian Cultures. There are many Orthodox churches on the way but the unforgettable Pochaiv Monastery Complex is one of the Ukrainian highlights.

5-6 days, 650km

After enjoying the Galician Capital of Lviv, we cross the picturesque Carpathian mountain chain and drop into the small resort town of Svaliava to stretch our legs and have a sip of mineral water from the local spring. While approaching Mukachevo, we see the fairy-tale Palanok Castle appear on the horizon.In the border town of Beregovo you won't hear much Ukrainian spoken. Make sure to try Hungarian cuisine there. In Koson village you can relax in a huge tub of hot water filled directly from a geyser. Uzhgorod, the capital of Transcarpathia region, has a fabulous downtown but don’t miss the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life by the city castle. Oh, and the mysterious Nevytsky Castle ruins are close to Uzhgorod as well.

4-5 days, 500km

Again, drive south-west from Lviv to the Carpathians enjoying picturesque views along the way. Shypit waterfall is a spot filled with pure natural energy but it doesn't compare with the Mountain Eye – the beauty of Synevir Lake. This trip is a mixture of Lviv's cultural charm and the atmosphere of forgotten-by-time mountain regions. It also gives you an opportunity to spend a few nights in an authentic Carpathian village, to try some special dishes, and to get acquainted with the locals and their culture. Go deep into the mountains by Jeep or just take a walk in the forest to gather mushrooms and berries.

1 day, 400km

The starting and end point of this route is the city of calm medieval streets, real Ukrainian spirit, intense cultural life, coffee-shops, hot chocolate, beer and versatile pubs - Lviv. You will also be impressed by the golden domes and ancient frescoes of the second largest Orthodox monastery complex in Ukraine, Pochaiv Lavra.
Please, feel free to Contact me and get to know the prices and have your own private tour of Ukraine cut.