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Embroidered Towels in Lutsk

The longest Ukrainian hand embroidered towel (rushnyk) will be presented in Lutsk, Volyn Region on May 8.

Dedicated to the celebration of Mother’s day, the second Ukrainian Festival of Hand Embroidered Towels will be taking place in Lutsk on May 8.

It is organized by the "Idea” Art Show and supported by Luts'k city council. Vitali Ivanyts’ky, the Honored Artist of Ukraine is the author of the project.

Being an ancient Ukrainian craft which dates back to the pre-Christian times, embroidery (Vyshyvka) is still present in Ukrainian homes.  Clothes are often decorated with embroidery but rushnyk (towel) is one of the most popular embroidered items. It’s a symbolic ritual cloth which is believed to protect against evil.

Rushnyks are still used in different ceremonies, such as engagement, wedding, christening and other. They are passed from one generation to another and kept as precious family heirlooms. Being the symbols of love, friendship and prosperity, rushnyks are often used to decorate icons and family portraits.

Hand embroidery is not only a craft. It has got much wider meaning for Ukrainians, it’s a tradition we take great pride in.

So, this time the craftsmen from all over Ukraine are invited to participate in the festival in Lutsk, the ancient capital of Volyn Region to demonstrate his/her craftsmanship. By the way, mostly women are engaged in embroidery in Ukraine. Promoting an ancient tradition is one of the aims of the festival. Also, an auction of embroidered items will be hold to gather money for handicapped embroideresses. The representatives of Ukrainian Book of Records are coming to register the longest Rushnyk in Ukraine. 

The windows of the houses and shops downtown will be decorated with embroidered things to turn the city of Lutsk into a unique work of art.

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