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Wine Tourism in Ukraine – Have a Glass In Transcarpathia
Beregovo SculptureTranscarpathia is the region of unique beauty, interesting traditions and wine making culture. About 150 000 tourists come to visit the wine festivals of Transcarpathia every year.
The first and the most popular is "Chervene Vyno” ("Red Wine”) Festival. It takes place in Mukachevo, one of the most fascinating towns of the region on the 14th of January (the so called Basil’s Day)
The town of Berogovo hosts the second festival of the year - "Bile Vyno” ("White Wine”). It‘s always in spring, and this time you can visit it on March 4-6.
"Soniachnyj Napij” ("Sunny Drink”) Festival takes place in Uzhgorod, the capital of the region, on May 1.
"Ugochans’ka Loza” ("Ugochans’k Vine”) is the summer festival in Vynogradovo.
"Zakarpatskie Bozhole” ("Transcarpathian Beaujolais”) is the final festival of the year, the festival of new wine, taking place in Uzhgorod in autumn.
Kosh Wine CellarTranscarpathia has got great climate conditions, so it is a common thing for a local farmer to own a small winery. Some of them invite tourists for wine tasting. You can also learn about the wine history of the region, local peculiarities of growing vine and wine making:
The Wine Cellar of Karl Kosh
52 Rakovtsi Str.
Kidiosh Village
Beregove Region
The Wine Cellar of Kovach Family
64 Turianytsi Str.
Kontsovo Village
Uzhgorod Region
The Wine tasting Room of Ivan Ursta
125 Gazlo Str.
Velyki Beregy Village
Beregovo Region
by Turinfocentr Zakarpattia
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