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Margaret Lee Runbeck.

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Minaral Water TubExtreme bathing in mineral water is one of the local highlights in Lumshory village. Lumshory is located in Perechyn Region, Transcarpathia Oblas’t. It’s about 50km from Uzhgorod, surrounded by beech and pine forests. Hot Water Tub2
The first hydropathic in Lumshory was founded in 1600. The wooden barrels were filled with mineral water and hot rocks. Also, two cast iron tubs were produced at the neighboring plant to heat the water and pour it into the barrels. The tubs were lost during WW1. One of them was found in the forest in 1970, another is kept in Vienna Museum.
Nowadays, local citizens invite tourists for a hydrogen sulfide bath which has a positive effect on the supporting-motor system and nerves. The wood is burnt under the Lumshorytub by local hutsuls-devils. You get into when the water reaches the temperature of 36,6C. Next, the water is heated up to 40-45C. The tankage is 1000 liters and there is enough space for 7 people to relax and enjoy the hell atmosphere. The tub is located on the rive ... Read more »
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