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The Day of Lviv Celebration - 2011
Lviv Day
Many attractions are waiting for Lviv guests and citizens in spring.
The Lviv Day will be celebrated with traditional flourish on May 7-9. Knights in armor, actors on stilts, children’s music bands and orchestras, the municipal and amateur theatres, horse drawn carriages with little angels, folk dance groups, sport and youth organizations and thousands of people will be taking part in the grand carnival.
Check the location and preliminary list of events:
Saturday, May 7 
Svobody Avenue
11 a.m. – Theatrical performances, exhibitions of ancient crafts, a holiday concert, the reproduction of events od different stages of the history of the city.
Market Square
12 a.m. - Rewarding honorary citizens of Lviv, raising the flag over the City Hall
2 p.m. – "Ancient Lviv Legends” and "Lviv through the Ages” project.
Reproduction of city life from the XIII century to the present. Theatrical performances, the fair of old crafts, events from different eras of the history of the city, ancient music and dancing.
The Park of Culture by B.Khmelnyts’ky
1p.m. – "Merry Hive” Dream city for children. Attractions for the youngest audience, contests, games, presents.
3 p.m. - The First International Festival of Wind Bands on the summer stage and near the central arch, the performances of the best dancing clubs of the city.
8 p.m. – Dj Time
The Museum of National Architecture and Life
2 p.m. - "Hutsulshchyna” Ethnic Festival.  Ethnic bands from Lviv, Verhovina, Rakhiv Yaremcha, Vizhnitsia, Kosovo Nadvirna and other areas playing, craft fairs and workshops.
Gunpowder Tower Square
3 p.m. - "How the Cossacks boiled Kulish" Cossack fun: hopak, festive treating with special Cossak dishes - kulish and uzvar.
The Square by the Opera House
5 p.m. - Retro Night. Polish wind bands’ performances, ballroom dancing.
Galyts’ka Square
12 a.m. – 9p.m. "Zaporozhets” retro cars exhibition. Plein air "Paint Your Favourite Car”
Shevchenko Avenue
1 p.m. – "Lviv. Safe For The World”. Anti Aids exhibition and rapid HIV tests.
Lviv streets 
1 p.m. – "Lviv Defiliada”. Carnival, theatrical performances, holiday concerts.
Sunday, May 8
Market Square
1 p.m. – Interreligious prayer for Lviv
2 p.m. – Concert on the occasion of the Mother’s Day
5.30 p.m. - The International Children's Festival "Among Friends".
8.30 p.m. - Dudaryk, the Male Choir and Natalia Polovynka’s concert
The Monument of Glory on Stryis’ka street
6 p.m. – The concert of popular bands
The Park of Culture by B.Khmelnyts’ky
12 a.m. - Gala concert of "Galician Melpomene”, international children's festival
1 p.m. – "Merry Hive” again 
3 p.m. – Magarych Studio Show
4p.m. - Mr. and Miss Lviv 2011. Lviv pop stars concert, competitions, quiz shows, fashion shows.
8 p.m. – Wiz-Art short films 
The Museum of National Architecture and Life
12 a.m. – Festival of Folk Toys. Workshops and Bandura performances
Lviv National Art Galary
3 p.m. – Photo Exhibition by Andriy Glyns’ky’s
Sapeg Palace on 40a, Kopernik Street
5 p.m. - "Chocolate paving” special etro party
Monday, May 9  
Market Square
3 p.m. – The concert of Lviv student amateur groups
9 p.m. – "Dyv” Shadows Theatre
The Park of Culture by B.Khmelnyts’ky
3 p.m. - Sport games dedicated to Euro 2012
Mickiewicz Square
3 p.m. - "Only in Lviv” Art Show. Festival of special "living" sculpture displaying the eras of the city history and "Melodies of Lviv Streets" concert program
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