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Lviv Car ParadeThe racing of Leopolis Grand Prix is taking place in Lviv on June 10-12. It is the first retro car festival of this level in Ukraine.
Lviv Grand Prix has already been added to the official program of Lviv festivals. But for the retro car race, many other events will be taking part during the fest, such as retro cars presentations, car parades, fashion shows. Also, the regular stage of Ukraine Closed-Circuit Car Race Championship will be taking part in Lviv at that time! The amateur car race of "Diplomat Rally” has been moved from Kiev to Lviv on the occasion of Lviv Grand Prix Festival as well.
What’s Lviv Grand Prix?
A bit of history.
Benz Victoria was the first car which appeared on Lviv streets in 1897. It belonged to Kazimierz Odrzywolski, the pioneer of oil extraction in Galicia.
September 8, 1830 is the date when the first closed-circuit racing
Leopolis Grand Prix
was organized. The track got the name of "Lv ... Read more »
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