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Margaret Lee Runbeck.

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Transcarpathia Region is especially beautiful in spring when the nature awakens.
DaffodilsI’d highly recommend visiting the so called "Valley of Daffodils” which attracts about a hundred thousand tourists annually.
Located near the Khust town, the biosphere reserve covers the territory of about 257ha. It belongs to the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves. There are about 438 species of plants growing in the valley including the mountain daffodil and 16 species of orchids. In march the place is covered with the snowdrops. The daffodils flowering period generally starts in the middle of May and the valley looks like a huge white carpet. The locals say that Narcissus fell in love in the valley close to Khustets River for the first time.
You can also enjoy magnolias and sakuras in Uzhgorod in spring. The city is famous for its exotic plants which grow in the streets, not in the botanic gardens like in other places of Ukraine. The first magnolia tree was planted about a hundred years ago. Nowadays, magnolia flowers of different colors symbolizing sincerity and kindness are very common. Sakuras (Japanese Ch ... Read more »
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